There are two Fyre Fest docs being released this week, but only one has extensive (and some might say insanely awkward) interviews with mastermind Billy McFarland, who struggles with basic questions like “do you think you did anything wrong?” and “are you a sociopath?”

Fyre Fraud, produced by Cinemart with Billboard and, is now streaming on Hulu, secretly released this morning to scoop a competing documentary by Fuck Jerry, the meme-driven media company that is partially responsible for turning Fyre Festival into the ultimate FOMO event. Fuck Jerry was hired by McFarland to promote Fyre Festival on social media and a former employee in the film said the agency willfully turned a blind eye to warning signs that the festival was a 10-alarm dumpster Fyre.

Fuck Jerry is planning to release their own Fyre doc on Netflix this Friday. Hoping to get ahead of their film, the folks at Cinemart planned a (brillant) sneak attack Monday, dropping their film to
steal the spotlight and remind viewers that there is only one film that airs Billy McFarland’s side of the story to provide a real time explanation of how things went so horribly wrong.

As an added bonus, Amplify & Billboard’s Dave Brooks is featured in the field and drops some amazing factoids. Check it out here.