Atlanta’s Philips Arena still has a summer of construction before its renovations are complete, but the venue is ready to get fans and sponsors excited for its update with an immersive first peek. Simply dubbed The Preview, home team the Atlanta Hawks have rented out a roughly 3,000 sq. ft. space across the street from the arena to show off what is to come at the start of the 2018-2019 NBA season.

Located in a store front at the CNN Center adjacent to the arena, The Preview is a sales center for Philips Arena which began its $200 million renovations last summer. Renovations will include a new state-of-the-art hung scoreboard and video displays, revamped concourses with 360-degree connectivity, and new open food stalls and bars throughout the facility. The arena will undergo a reconfiguration in order to make the venue a more “fan-focused” sports and entertainment space that reflects the spirit and vibe of Atlanta.

“The Preview is for customers across the board. From seats to premium suites and seats and even sponsorship,” Hawks COO Thad Sheely told Amplify. “We’re spending $200 million on this building. It is going to very much be a new building from the roof line to the base line. We wanted to make sure that we had the forum to communicate to everyone that this is the equivalent to a brand new building. The Preview helps us do that.”

The Atlanta Hawks have teamed up with Seattle-based design firm Hornall Anderson to provide a Southern hospitality experience where people can make an appointment to meet with a sales representative that will walk through everything Philips Arena will be able to offer come the 2018-2019 season.

“It is a green room, but it is more like your living room. There are all kinds of artifacts and little historical elements of all the great events that have gone on in this building,” Sheely said of The Preview space that will hold history from the venue and its predecessor the Omni Coliseum (1972-1997).

“Sports and entertainment are very much an emotional experience. We wanted to be able to build on that emotional experience of coming to a game, a concert, and understanding what that experience is like and communicating what that is going to be like in a new building,” Sheely said. “There’s the arrival, the intro, the meat of the matter, and then the post game experience of sitting and talking with your sales rep about what you just saw and what matches your needs and how to figure out a way to see if there’s a product that works for you in the building.”

The Preview, created by Seattle-based design firm Hornall Anderson, will feature an inspiring video projected onto a 12 foot-high screens on a curved theater wall that responds to guests’ movements, interactive features and engaging, self-guided activities, music, and speakers below a raised floor that will send vibrations through your whole body.

To give people the best glimpse of the renovations, the center will include a scale model inviting interaction and exploration of the new arena embedded in the floor.

“It is a tub in the floor that has the form of the arena but with all white. Then we project down into that arena anything we want. We can project a concert or a basketball game,” Sheely said.

He added “One of the complicated things about understanding the relationship between different seating areas and then the clubs or the suites that go along with it, is where my seat is and where the club is. A lot of the times, the clubs are located beneath the seats. We are able to use video to show the seats and then we do this cool gold light function and we reveal the club underneath the seats with the assets down through it.”

For more information about the renovations and The Preview, head here.