Dan Steinberg and Luke Pierce, the loveable duo behind the popular Promoter 101 podcast, are gifting listeners with a dozen consecutive episodes that include never before heard interviews from the show.

Promoter 101’s “12 Days of Christmas” began Dec. 20 and runs through Dec. 31 with interviews by Steinberg, who runs Emporium Presents and Pierce, music manager with Works Entertainment. So far we’ve heard from Move Concerts’ Phil Rodriguez (Day 1) sharing his success as a concert promoter in South America, and legendary rock journalist and author of Woman Walk The Line Holly Gleason (Day 2) talking about her amazing history covering the music business and her new book.


There’s also an interview with Rocks Off’s Jake Szufnarowski talking about promoting on land and sea in New York and then today’s episode with record industry icon Ted Cohen talking about his early days in the biz including his days at Warner Brothers and his current position at Tag Strategic. There’s also an appearance by me, Dave Brooks, discussing the biggest news stories of 2017.

Listen to Day 4 of the Promoter 101 podcast above or visit promoter101.net to hear all 12 Days of Christmas podcasts as they come available and the past 63 episodes of the Promoter 101 podcast.