Sorry Agent vs Promoter, but there’s a new boss in town. Emporium Presents’ Dan Steinberg, aka @TheJew, has been slowly taking over the humor game with #promoter101, and the guys at Agent vs Promoter have definitely taken notice.

Here are some of my favorites tweets for Promoter 101

Now Steinberg is planning to launch a podcast based on the popular hashtag and will host an interactive panel for Pollstar Live! in Los Angeles in January, all with the goal of improving the concert industry and poking fun at the dumb things artists, agents and promoters do on a regular basis.

“Our industry has really cleaned itself up over the last 20 years,” he told Amplify. “Concert promoters used to be considered the used car salesmen of the music business. And there are still people out there who try to take advantage of others. I still get pitched everything and there are times when (agents) know the show is not going to gross what they’re asking you to pay the act, but they pitch it anyway.”


Steinberg often uses Promoter 101 to call out bad behavior, but he never names people, even if they’ve treated him unfairly.

“I don’t want to call somebody out just so I can make a joke,” he said. “Does it make it more funny that I burned somebody’s career down? I don’t think so. It just seems wrong.”

Still, that doesn’t stop people from trying to get him to write about them. He remembers once when he had a super aggressive agent read him the riot act, screaming about a time slot given to an opening band.


“What was amazing was it got great traction, like it was one of the biggest posts Promoter 101 has ever had,” Steinberg said. “I had the head of HR of at least four different agencies call me over the weekend and ask if everything was ok. One person said to me ‘if this is one of our guys, we need to know.'”

As Steinberg later found out (and the post above shows), the whole thing was a hoax. The angry agent was trying to trigger a Promoter 101 post.

“I’m always picking on everybody else for being an idiot and still I fell for this hook, line and sinker,” he said. “I wasn’t posting it to rant, I was posting it to say ‘all right, fuck me, I’m an asshole sometimes too.'”

Hoaxes aside, Steinberg said there’s still plenty of funny stuff to talk about. Earlier this month a road manager for a metal band called him at 2 a.m. to complain that the group was upset about the color of the towels left backstage.

“Apparently they were pink and that is not a very manly color,” Steinberg said. “Really? Someone should run and grab some fucking towels at Target if they are a problem. And look, I’m not involved in the process of picking the color of the towels, but I do have to ask, were the towels clean? Yes. Were they brand new? Yes. Did they smell minty fresh? Yes. Do I give a shit that you didn’t like the color of them? As long as they’re not dirty, fuck off, use the towels.”

After all, the show sold out and the band got all the production requests it had asked for. So lighten up. That’s the main lesson of Promoter 101 — stop taking everything so seriously.

“I want to be in business with people that want to be in business with me 100 shows down the road, 20 years down the road,” he said. “I want to enjoy spending so much time with people that it’s always a pleasure to see them, and when bad things do happen, because nobody bats 100, we work through it together.”