Tony DiCamillo has been on the Houston ticketing scene since the beginning of his career. The President of ExtremeTix got his start with the Houston Rockets during their championship run in the 1990s and eventually went to work at the Houston Summit.

“I was a young pup back then,” he told Amplify. “Just jumping into the ticketing business and understanding the concerts and promotions and how all those pieces work together.”

In 2002, DiCamillo made the jump to ExtremeTix, which was only two years old at the time.

“We were a startup and I was the first account manager,” he said. DiCamillo built the operations side of the business and eventually became operations manager, and then vice president of operations and then general manager. After three years as GM, DiCamillo was named President in 2016. Amplify caught up with Tony to talk about his plans for ExtremeTix and how the Lone Star State’s biggest ticketing company continues to operate with Texas spirit.

ExtremeTix is one of the biggest ticketing companies in Texas. How do you stand out from the big guys at Ticketmaster and AXS?

Texas is a huge market and Ticketmaster owns quite a bit of it. We service a growing number of festivals, fairs and performing arts centers in the state. We ticket the Royal Purple Raceway, Texas Motorplex and Wings over Houston, one of the largest air shows in the country. We ticket the Houston Open PGA golf tournament and the Texas Renaissance Festival which is the largest renaissance festival in the world. We also ticket the Redneck Country Club which is a unique Texas venue.

How do I get a membership to the Redneck Country Club?

Anyone can go. Members do however get benefits.  It’s a country-western bar, a very upscale nice one. That’s over on the southwest side of town. Also there’s a venue up in the Woodlands area called Dosey Doe. That is a dinner and intimate concert venue. They do an incredible year-round business, constantly running acts in and out.

Do you guys think being in Texas gives you an edge?

Yes because many events we work with like to stay local. They like the fact that we’re a homegrown company and that we can service them quickly if we need to be out on site or assist with one of their larger events. We’ve got to keep up with our software just like the big guys, so if we didn’t have a good product, if we didn’t have a good mobile solution, if we didn’t have good data analytics, we wouldn’t be a player. We have built a pretty robust system. We’re not a niche system, we handle a diverse portfolio of clients. We built our ticketing platform accordingly.

What advances have you made with mobile technology?

We have invested heavily in our ExtremeTix mobile optimization and our client-facing mobile app, The Edge, which allows our client’s one touch access to how many tickets they’ve sold, how many people are in the venue at any moment and gives clients critical historical data. The Edge App allows our clients to communicate with promoters or their boss directly by sending a text message or email to say, “Here are your numbers.” Mobile is not just where the consumers are going, it’s also where the management of these venues are as well. They’re working off of their phones just like everybody else. The investment in our mobile UI is paying dividends and we’re seeing our mobile numbers jump tremendously. We’ve simplified the process and made it easy as possible to purchase your ticket on any mobile device. We believe we’ve got the best mobile platform in the industry with the ability to choose your seat on your phone.

What kind of business do you do guys do outside of Texas? 

We’re all over North America. We have business in Canada. We’re West Coast to East Coast. Our headquarters are in Houston and we initiate most of our traveling here out of Texas. We’re centralized, I think that makes it more cost effective for us. We also have an office in Florida.

What do you see happening in the ticketing market right now? There’s a lot of competition with the mid-range companies.  

It’s got to be one of the most competitive spaces out there and it’s tough. The folks that we run across — are guys like Ticketfly, eTix, and Eventbrite — we are bumping into the most competing for the same type of business, but I do foresee some additional consolidation in the industry.

What’s the one thing promoters and event organizers should know about ExtremeTix?

We are a full-service ticketing option with a plethora of technologies at your fingertips. We also have a well-versed account management team to assist you in getting your ticketing out the door and in the hands of the consumers. Promoters have plenty to worry about, so let us worry about the ticketing. We’ll send you all your point of sale equipment, we’ll send you all the scanners you need, and we’ll send you people to help make your event even more successful. When our customers do well, we do well. It’s a true partnership with ExtremeTix and that’s really how we look at it.