The chief revenue officer of the fast-growing ticketing company shares insights on the launch of Patron Connect

Vendini’s new mobile CRM app Patron Connect is now live for iPads running iOS 8 (and later editions), creating a new tool for event professionals to connect with their patrons. The new platform acts as a personal assistant for the box office and sales staff, making data for VIPs and top patrons easily accessible from an iPad. Patron Connect sends notifications when top customers arrive at an event and provides tools to collaborate with teammates and easily record feedback. We recently caught up with Vendini CRO Keith Goldberg to talk about Vendini’s newest product offering.

Getting in the B2B app world can be tricky for companies. What did you learn in your initial research?

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When we first started looking at apps, we realized people try to jam a whole lot of stuff into one thing, and it becomes really complex. Our strategy is to make things very simple for our members. We create task-oriented apps — when you have something to do, you know exactly what app to go to and it’s completely tailored and designed for that purpose. Patron Connect is about developing and expanding relationships with your customers.

What was the impetus for building Patron Connect?

Patron Connect is a result of direct feedback from our members. They want to have better relationships with their patrons. They want to follow the patron as they move from a single ticket purchaser to a subscriber to a donor. We decided to develop a very vertical-specific CRM system within Patron Connect. It’s highly tailored for someone within the live events space.

Give us an example?

One thing we built with the client in mind was an alert system when certain patrons walk through the door. If we hook up to their social profile, we can look them up and have a picture of them. And all of the interactions can be recorded so that next time anyone goes to speak with them, they have the complete previous history available.

What are the unique needs facing the events industry?

It’s really all about managing the VIPs and the people at that level. Every part of the entertainment industry has VIPs. For the music industry it might be sponsors — there’s always somebody that you care about and want to take care of. We’ve got a tour group we work with and their VIPs are their diplomats. We want to give them a tool so if someone important comes through the door, everyone through their organization knows who that is and knows how to handle them.

What’s the user experience like for a busy event professional?

There’s a couple different ways to access the data within Patron Connect. You can set up notifications for when VIPs arrive at the event, or you can look someone up and go directly into their record. You can access your patron manifest on the day of show to see which VIPs will be in attendance. Or perhaps you already know your VIPS — Patron Connect allows you to identify first-time buyers and welcome them to your venue.

You built Patron Connect based on feedback of your members. What was the most common challenge your clients face?

They wanted to know how to develop a better relationship with their patrons. If I’m in my lobby talking to someone, I need to know if the discussion today is about welcoming to the venue and telling them about your mission, or is about mentioning an upcoming fundraising campaign and asking if they will donate $10,000 like they had done previously. There’s lots of conversations to have with your patrons and this tool helps you find the right one to have with your patron.