The fashion world flocked to the Metropolitan Museum of Art Monday for Anna Wintour’s annual Met Gala, a high-fashion event featuring Hollywood stars, A-list designers and fashion icons. This year’s theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination was co-hosted by Rihanna, Amal Clooney, and Donatella Versace.

So who looked hot and who needed to go home? We reached out to Amplify’s new resident fashionista Rose Shannon, a 39-year-old mom and lifelong fashion fanatic and critic to give us her hot takes on this year’s celebrity appearances. Shannon has worked for the Azoff family for 17 years and serves as Shelli Azoff’s personal assistant, shopper and stylist. We asked her to share her recap of the “Super Bowl of Fashion,” which she compiles every year along with the Golden Globes, Grammys and Oscars.


“To be honest all I really want to talk about is Blake Lively, but we can talk about some others as well,” she tells Amplify. “Especially the people who really offended me with how terrible they looked. It must be addressed.”

Because Shannon is busy busy, balancing her working life with that of caring for her daughter and attending LA’s hottest events, she doesn’t have time to dish on everyone — “Rihanna, I have no time for you mocking the Pope so I’m not posting your photo. Jaden Smith, I guess carrying your gold record is better than carrying your cut off dreads like last year, but maybe if we all just ignore you, you’ll go away.”

As for all the rest, here are a few of her faves this year and a few that made Shannon cover her eyes in terror.

This queen. Kills the carpet again. Blake Lively, you win.

Seriously, look at the beading on that bodice. The details. And her FACE, and her hair. Wow…and that headpiece! 100 carats of Lorraine Schwartz diamonds. Swoon.

Lily Collins is my other fave of the night. A walking piece of art.

I said to myself WHERE DO THEY EVEN FIND THESE THINGS?!?! Then I remembered my style heroes did this, and Lily, and J Lo, and Cara…and it all made sense. Way to nail the theme #RandM 


I’m just so into the headpieces. So gorgeous.

At lunch we discussed whether the fabric looked cheap…it definitely does – but this dress and this look and her legs still gave me a wow moment.

Remember when George was the eternal bachelor, toting around various 20-somethings? Well step aside, Clooney. We all know you married up, and Amal is the true catch here.

I see you, Virgin Mary Kate Bosworth…and I like you. On theme, pretty and not offensive. Thank you.

I usually have NOTHING nice to say about Anne because she usually bores me to death…but this, I like.

YES CHADWICK, YASSSSSSSSSSS. This dude is killing the game. Love him.

Poor Tom Brady. Ok ok no one really feels bad for him but I think I feel bad for that turtleneck. It has to be embarrassed to be part of his look.

I love you Hailee, I totally wish we were friends. You’re cute, and happy, and you sort of look like a prom queen and I’m ok with it.

YOU, on the other hand. Good GOD no. Terrible.

Also, I have no idea why Wonder Woman is there…and there is NOTHING wonderful about this.

Nicki, your devil disguise is fooling no one. We see you, even behind that bejeweled beard. I’m happy she wasn’t dressed like a dominatrix, like usual, but she’s not fooling anyone trying to be a lady.

Oh look. She’s there again for no reason and found a way to make a religious theme slutty. Way to stay true to what you do, Emily.

Sofia Coppola apparently didn’t make it last year, so she just wore that outfit this year instead. What on earth this has to do with “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination” is beyond me.

I. Just. Can’t. I mean really. This whole thing is so miserable even she can’t pretend to enjoy it.

This. Good lord THIS. ??‍♀️ I’m not even gonna write what those hanging things look like because my mom will get mad at me, but COME ON. Then the du-rag with a HALO?!? No. Go home, Solange. Please. Please just go away and never come back. Ever. Thanks.

As if these two weren’t hate-able enough. I can overlook Lana because…whatever but Jared, no. I know you think you’re a God but dressing like Jesus really rubs me the wrong way. You and Rihanna in her Pope outfit can just move right along. I’m having none of it.