The SAP Center in San Jose, California is honoring 25 years in the community with a year-long campaign of memories. Opened in 1993 with Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus, SAP Center is home to National Hockey League’s Sharks and has hosted Olympic athletes, artists such as Paul McCartney, Adele, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Bob Dylan, Beyonce, and countless family shows. Between Sept. 7, 2018 and Sept. 7, 2019, the center plans to celebrate its success with an anniversary campaign that focuses on the generation of memories made by the fans.

“Right now we are running a memories campaign on social media where we have asked people to send in photos of their favorite times at the arena over the last 25 years. Then we are using those in the campaign where they will appear through out the year,” says Steve Kirsner, Vice President of Booking and Events for SAP Center.

Fans memories will be weaved into the year-long celebration which includes promoting the anniversary for their diverse lineup of concert events, on social media, and with venue apparel.

Grand opening of SAP Center in 1993, formerly known as San Jose Arena.

Backstage artists will be treated to special artwork celebrating the anniversary that change for every individual in the concert series’ diverse lineup of acts.

“We’ve got a very diverse population in San Jose and the Bay Area and we pride ourselves on having a diverse lineup of events,” Executive Vice President of Governmental Affairs Jim Goddard tells Amplify. “Along with the Sharks and most of the major touring concerts, we have a great cross-section of family events and special events including MCA basketball championships, U.S. figure skating championships and both U.S. and Olympics trials in gymnastics.”

To help launch the campaign, SAP Center will host a private gala on Sept. 14 to welcome local dignitaries, individuals like Goddard who have been with the arena since its opening and more.

“It was very successful right from the get-go in 1993,” Goddard says of the facility. “It was a large market and a fluent market, but had been somewhat starved in terms of entertainment because of the lack of venues in the South Bay. People, for years, had to drive a long way to see major touring acts and major league sports. This was a very big deal to the city of San Jose.”

The 25th anniversary celebration will conclude with a first of its kind festival. While SAP Center has put on several festivals for other entities, in September of 2019 the facility will put on its very own three-day musical event.

“We’re planning on doing a music festival weekend,” says Kirsner. “It will be Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It will start outdoors across the street at the park and we will have local bands playing, as well as food trucks and sponsors. It will culminate each night inside with a headliner. Each night will have a different genre of music.”

Fans who participate in the generation of memories campaign will be entered to win the grand prize of tickets to the 2019 NHL All-Star Game as well as the SAP Center 25 Years Music Festival in 2019. For more information on the 25 year campaign, head here.