A mere two months after See Tickets celebrates signing its 50th UK independent venue, See Tickets announces reaching another impressive milestone: signing its 40th US independent music venue since 2017.  

“30 of our 40 new venues have been signed in the last eighteen months. We’ve made this segment a focus and it has really paid off. I’m proud of how our team has become experts at supporting independent music venues. We pride ourselves in being the champions for independent venues and promoters.” said Boris Patronoff, Chief Executive Officer at See Tickets North America. “I’m super excited about the venues we’re talking to now about coming on board. We’ll be adding many more to our roster.”

Recently signed venues include: White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Infinity Halls in Hartford and Norfolk, The Empire Garage and The Parish in Austin, Liquid & Ruby in Madison, the Boom Boom Room in San Francisco, Sunshine Studios in Colorado Springs and The Globe in Los Angeles.

Johnny So, Partner at White Oak Music Hall, a five-acre, three-stage indoor/outdoor live music complex, located in Houston, Texas, says: “We spent an enormous amount of time on our due diligence in selecting our new ticketing partner. At the end, See Tickets really impressed us with their comprehensive package of a stable and intuitive platform, clean customer experience, focus on service, available marketing resources and support, and their overall commitment to support our goals.”

See Tickets’ accelerated rate of adoption by venues is a testament to the investments and commitment they’ve made to adapt to their clients’ unique needs and goals. In an industry full of software vendors, See Tickets has worked hard to become a true partner to their clients and is betting it all on high-touch marketing and client services, a focus that resonates very much with venues across the nation.