See Tickets has partnered with pride festivals in December to offer the ‘Gift of Pride.’ Between Dec. 1-31, pride organizations ticketed by See Tickets are allowing patrons to purchase early bird tickets for the 2019 season and also give back to the community in the form of donations and access to ticketed events.

“On the West Coast, (pride festivals) have developed multi-day festivals that would be more comparable to the traditional music festival. LA Pride for example has over 60,000 attendees and the other three large ones do at least 30,000 a day. We’ve made a concerted effort to help them with their access control and ticketing, but also how they engage with the community more broadly,” See Tickets’ COO of North America Jim Murphy tells Amplify.

See Tickets has worked with six major pride festivals in the western United States for up to six years including Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego and Long Beach.

“Each one of those Pride festivals is a not-for profit, but the reason they execute the events themselves is to provide funding to other community based organizations in the cities in which they operate,” says Murphy. “We approached LA, San Diego, Phoenix, Long Beach, etc. and said why don’t we do a campaign around accessibility. One of the big push backs the communities have towards the Pride festivals is ‘why aren’t they free, it inhibits lower income people or younger people from attending.’ Accessibility and inclusiveness is crucial mission of every one of those organizations.”

As a result, See Tickets is providing marketing for social media and e-blasts for patrons to help offer presale prices and give those same buyers the opportunity to provide a ticket to someone in the community who would otherwise be unable to afford admittance to the festival portion of the celebrations. Donated tickets will go to the organizations each festival supports, allowing more individuals the ability to attend and also provide more funds for the associated non-profits.

For example, Phoenix Pride is offering the Gift of Pride deal for $30 which includes a $15 presale ticket for the purchaser plus a second ticket that will be gifted to someone from  One-N-Ten or Mulligan’s Manor, organizations that support LGBT youth and at-risk members of the LGBT community.

See Tickets has been serving the LGBT community for 10 years, providing services for nightclub promoters and more in the space.

“We have a pretty large portion of our staff that comes from that community, so we understand their needs,” says Murphy. “We view the LGBT community as being somewhat under served, especially in technology. Most of these festivals are being ticketed like a festival 20 years ago because a lot of companies don’t pay attention to this community.”

Los Angeles Pride in West Hollywood, Calif., is one of the largest pride events in the nation with an average attendance of 200,000 and has been working with See Tickets for six years. Last year, See Tickets provided 80 people to help with their box office, line control and more for a full 360 service approach.

“We made it a mission of ours to provide expertise, technology and even support staff for LGBT events so they become even more professional and so that they can focus on other elements of the event besides access,” says Murphy.

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