What does it mean to be the leader of ticketing for independent music? For Ticketfly, it means eight years of unprecedented growth. It means working with some of North America’s best known promoters, iconic venues and fan favorite festivals. It means being led by ticketing’s most innovative executive Andrew Dreskin who’s created a company culture built on authenticity and results-driven strategy. And most importantly, it means employing a top-notch team of live entertainment professionals who live, breathe and dream about events year round.

“From the back end of engineering to the customer support reps on the front lines to our CEO and co-founder (an ex-promoter), we all have a passion and a love for live events,” Head of Operations Allison Brecklin said.

Most of Ticketfly’s team of Flyers (as they call them at Ticketfly HQ in San Francisco) are lifelong music fans who have attended thousands of concerts. Beyond the fan perspective, Ticketfly’s best in class team has worked with some of North America’s biggest indie promoters and festivals with success that goes far beyond ticketing. The company uses smart and efficient marketing to reach potential attendees and pack the house, then provides end-to-end support so all those fans (and by extension, the promoters) enjoy the show.

“Our goal is to help our clients be better marketers by providing them with the right tools and guidance and often doing the work for them via our automated marketing solutions, which now extend beyond Ticketfly to Pandora as well,” Director of Marketing Services Robyn Bald told Amplify.

“We want our clients to know who is coming to their venue so they can build a relationship with the fan,” Bald explained. Best of all, you don’t need a marketing degree to effectively utilize their system. Promoters simply list their event and Ticketfly does the work to distribute awareness across Pandora, Facebook and Ticketfly’s affiliate network of more than 200 partners. They also offer integrated tools that enable clients to easily market to fans, like their proprietary email solution and Fanbase CRM tool which allows clients to identify and market to top customers.

Marketing to the Largest Music & Live Events Audience in America

Robyn Bald (center) onsite at Pemberton Music Festival

Robyn Bald (right) onsite at Pemberton Music Festival

Last year, Pandora — the world’s largest music discovery platform — acquired Ticketfly, instantly connecting venues and promoters with nearly 80 million listeners. It also opened up a massive amount of listener data, which can be used to make smart talent buying and tour routing decisions. Now, the two companies have a holistic view into the end-to-end listener/fan journey, as it takes place 100-percent within their wholly-owned ecosystem. This allows Ticketfly-Pandora to then optimize every step along the way.

“Just as Pandora built the music genome for recorded music, together we’re building the live events music genome, and our clients are uniquely positioned to benefit from this plethora of data,” Bald said. Clients don’t need to lift a finger to access relevant audiences on Pandora or Ticketfly: “We do the optimization for you,” Bald explains. “With other advertising platforms, the onus is on the client to pick the right audience, choose the right budget and monitor along the way.”


Pandora and Ticketfly co-promoted Talib Kweli’s Brooklyn Bowl shows and sold over 30% of available capacity within 36 hours.

Millions of people are already receiving automated event notifications via Ticketfly, and the company continues to ramp up its integrations. Earlier this year, Ticketfly launched feed and push notifications on mobile devices and has begun serving up live event digest emails.

“The goal is to create lots of awesome, smart, relevant touch points for Pandora listeners,” explained Bald. In fact, Pandora holds the record for the most time spent on an app on a mobile device. That creates an opportunity for Ticketfly clients to create campaigns utilizing multiple channels and connecting artists directly to fans as much as possible. This is most evident via Pandora’s artist audio messages which allow artists to record content (like new tour announcements, single releases or festival dates) and instantly serve it up to relevant fans. Earlier this week, Pandora launched AMP 2.0 in order to give more artists more ways to directly connect with fans; you can read about it here.

More than a Ticketing Vendor

Ticketfly’s commitment to their clients doesn’t stop once the tickets are sold. Ticketfly provides end-to-end support for all of its clients, with 24/7 call centers, on-site support and year-round training.

“A lot of people think of support as just reactive,” Brecklin said. “We want to be proactive and provide outstanding support before, during, and after events.”


(From left) Flyers Cassie Conder, Caroline Jack, Kelley, Altazin, Allison Brecklin, and Lauren Kish support Buku onsite in NOLA last March

“We have teams who are focused on making sure that our clients maximize our platform, from sharing best practices, to identifying the features that work best for that particular client and ensuring that they adopt those features,” Brecklin added. “Not all of the tools are going to be the best for everyone. A huge part of the job is personalizing and optimizing the platform for our clients’ needs.”

Ticketfly offers training to its clients starting day one. The company has a team entirely devoted to on-boarding and product training. Next clients are connected to their success reps who work with them prior to their events to ensure they are getting the most out of the platform so that they can save time and sell more tickets. With Ticketfly, you’re never alone — team members are available to help problem solve pre-event and during the event.  Ticketfly regularly analyzes and reports back on client performance and provides feedback on what’s working, what’s not, and what habits to change. In addition, Ticketfly offers a robust community site moderated by several full-time employees to help clients identify best practices through articles, webinars and community discussions.

“Ticketfly is so much more than just a ticketing vendor,” explained James Holt, President and CEO, Beale Street Music Festival. “Not only did they help us publish, promote and sell tickets but they had industry veterans on the ground before and during the festival itself, and when the weather rolled in, they had our backs.”

No matter how big or small the client, Ticketfly’s support team is willing to help promoters understand how to use Ticketfly’s tools to meet their needs and present the right offer to the right fan.

before-you-sign_1x-final“The number one thing that impressed me was Ticketfly’s willingness to accommodate me and all of my requests,” said Luke Sass with Founders Fest, a Ticketfly client. “I was told honestly what was possible at all steps, which is so key. Too often people promise the moon and deliver a rock. [Ticketfly’s support staff understands] the platform’s capabilities, and how it can truly serve [the] client. And it’s been a real pleasure to create friendships with [the] staff.”

Ticketfly’s support evolves with its clients and their needs. “We conduct an actual analysis of questions and issues clients and fans bring to us to identify patterns,” Brecklin explained. “If clients keep contacting us about similar things, maybe our education around that needs to be tightened up, maybe we need to change the language in the support article, or maybe there’s a different way to teach that during product training. We’re always looking for way to optimize and improve our support.”

Anyone who’s worked in the music industry knows that things often go haywire after business hours, meaning a 9-to-5 help desk isn’t going to cut it. Ticketfly’s support team is available 24/7 for client support. Whether it’s late afternoon or the middle of the night, Ticketfly’s support team is available to answer questions so that clients have a fluid experience from the moment tickets go on sale to the final curtain call.

After all, a ticketing company is more than just an outlet to sell tickets. Ticketfly firmly views themselves as a business partner that fully understands the needs of your organization. Signing with Ticketfly not only means joining one of the most innovative companies in music; it means aligning with a team of passionate experts who will help you fill every seat and ensure everyone has a smooth and memorable experience at your event.