Stay22, a leading hotel widget, is making its way into the live music scene. The company provides event organizers with a free widget map that curates Airbnbs and hotels around where their event is happening. With a single line of code, event organizers can embed the widget on their site, help attendees find accommodations, and make a commission off each night booked.

“The traditional way for event organizers is to partner up with hotels and get room blocks which can be very time-consuming and costly,” Stay22 Marketing Director Mohamad Al Sadoon told Amplify. “We want organizers to focus on their events and take their mind off the hassle of having to deal with hotels. So no phone calls, negotiations, etc. It is just one line of code. It very user-friendly. There is limited redirection.”


Each map is venue-centric based on the address and multiple addresses can be provided for each event. When attendees use the Stay22 widget, the dates of the event at pre-filled for them and information including price, distance from the event, hotel or Airbnb rating, and transit time all provided on the map. Attendees can adjust the dates if they want to stay longer and find the best deal surrounding the event.

“The event organizers have the choice to display to their attendees either just hotels or Airbnbs or both,” said Al Sadoon. “If organizers have a room block that they already purchased we can exclusively display the hotel they partnered with and once that room block is filled, they can generate extra revenue by toggling on the rest of the accommodations in the area.”

The additional revenue for event organizers comes from commissions that Stay22 makes from hotel reservations without an added cost to the customer. Stay22 is partnered with Hotels Combined who provides the availability data that is listed on the widget.

“Since we are an online travel agency, we get commissions for bookings that are made through us. We split that commission with the event organizers,” Al Sadoon explained. “Event organizers want the best for their attendees. We think it is a way for them to improve their attendees experience and it is a great return for organizers.”

Stay22, launched in October of 2016, has already partnered with conferences and conference organizers such as Everfest, Intel, International Festival Forum, and Comicon Quebec. They have also worked with festivals and promoters such as Disco Donnie Presents, Beer Fest, Austin Music Video Festival, and ticketers like Ticket Biscuit.

Al Sadoon added, “Each of our partners has a dashboard access, where they see how many accommodation bookings they have received, where their attendees are staying, where they are coming from, and how much revenue they have made.”

Event organizers looking for more information on Stay22 can head to their site which showcases additional partners, insight, and contact information.