StubHub has announced two major moves into the theater and performing arts space. The resale giant has formed a partnership with Roundabout Theatre Company, the nation’s largest not-for-profit theater company, as well as an upcoming integration with Tessitura Network which tickets 600 arts and cultural organizations globally, including Roundabout Theatre Company.

“As Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen and some of these bigger productions have come to bear, we’ve realized there’s a huge opportunity here for us,” StubHub’s GM of Music & Theater North America, Jeff Poirier, told Amplify. “One of my biggest focal points became, how do we continue to grow our theater business and really lean into it? One obvious way to do that is to establish relationships and partnerships and therefore credibility as a valuable partner in the industry.”


For their Roundabout partnership, StubHub will provide RTC’s diverse theatrical programming in five unique New York venues, to its global audience of users and its vast multi-channel distribution network offering a fully-integrated platform to allow for seamless ticket buying and serve as RTC’s premier secondary ticketing partner.

The partnership will allow fans to place Roundabout tickets on StubHub, and if it sells, the original barcode will be cancelled and a new one will be issued. That will reduce issues for the buyer and the seller while providing multi-channel distribution for Roundabout.

“Any theater company in the industry looks at growing their donor base or their subscriber base or fanbase,” Poirier told Amplify. “Checking off every way to buy a ticket is the right way to go and it is going to extend their reach as much as possible. It will also give them a better understanding of how they can grow their business in general.”

StubHub will also utilize its Times Square storefront, Black Box, to support Roundabout’s family of artists to host special programming and industry-leading events in New York. The 55-seat Studio Theatre for small performances and readings will help elevate Roundabouts’ visibility, strengthen their mission, and promote industry gatherings like Roundabout’s recent Women in Theatre symposium.

“Roundabout had a Women in Theater symposium where key women in the industry had a roundtable discussion on all sorts of theater topics. That was co-sponsored by Roundabout and StubHub and those are the types of events that we’re looking at doing to provide more value to the relationship and to the industry,” Poirier said.

Roundabout and StubHub’s partnership is additionally supported by a future Tessitura and StubHub integration. Expected later this year, the integration will build new ticketing technologies within their industry-leading platform, offering a more efficient ticket management solution for Roundabout and other Tessitura clients.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for any of these venues, any of these theaters to be able to flip a switch and be able to activate the integration that we have. That requires us to have a relationship with a primary solution and Tessitura was one of those solutions that was ready and willing to integrate with us,” Poirier said. “It’s not just Broadway. Tessitura has relationships all across North America so it is important for us to be an option for any current client. They are a critical partner in our continued expansion.”

“StubHub was a platform that was created to help consumers to be sure that when they transacted that they were able to utilize whatever they were buying. It is an ideal partner to work with given their credibility and their long track record of success,” CEO and co-founder of Tessitura Jack Rubin told Amplify. “Everything we do with alliance partners is an option for our clients. They will have the option to list inventory on StubHub themselves at various prices and also to enable safe resales.”

With the technology, Roundabout will have access to real-time inventory management, market and pricing data to provide its box offices with more tools than ever, building on their continued superior ticketing experience for its ticket buyers and donors. Once the integration between Tessitura and StubHub is officially launched, Tessitura’s 600+ clients will also have access to the secondary ticketer’s platform.

“We search the world to find top organizations to create alliances with and we are proud and humbled to work with StubHub,” Rubin added.