Travis Scott did it, Nick Minaj did too and now Ariana Grande is taking a turn at a new merch trend that’s come to the forefront in recent years — selling priority passes to shows before they happen.

The pass comes bundled with a digital copy of Grande’s new “Sweetener” album and is partially a way to boost her album chart score, but it’s also a simple revenue generator for an artist. The pass — which will cost you $10 plus $4.73 in shipping fees — grants holders early access to the venue and yet to be described future discounts.

Keep in mind Grande’s tour has not yet been announced — expect something in the coming days. Why would someone purchase early access to a concert if there is no meet and greet involved? We hear that the main draw is early access to Ariana’s merch offerings of upside down logos and neon jackets. Good luck to all the arena people who to figure out how to pull this off.