Ticketfly’s nightmarishly apocalyptic “cyber incident” appears to be nearing resolution. Company officials have announced its Backstage system is back online, following a 72-hour companywide outage brought on after a hacker defaced the site and allegedly stole confidential information.

Other parts of the Ticketfly platform — including Ticketfly.com, the Ticketfly iOS app, Promoter, Pulse, and Fanbase (aka, Top Fans) are still offline “as we prioritized the work to bring up the most critical pieces of the platform first,” according to an update to the company’s Cyber Incident page.


Restoring Backstage means the company’s Box Office system is working, enabling ticket purchasing, ticket scanning capabilities and access control.

“This means you’ll be able to sell tickets onsite or online – including through search, Facebook, and affiliates. The experience will feel the same as always, and all of your previously built events and historical data will be there when you log in to Backstage,” according to a Ticketfly statement.

As for an accounting of what was compromised (and exactly WTF happened), Ticketfly officials are “still investigating and brought on a team of forensic cybersecurity experts” to help.

“The reality is cyber incidents are unique, and the investigations typically take more time than one would like because the full picture of what happened isn’t always quick to develop,” company officials say.

The attack is unprecedented in scale and scope for the ticketing industry, which has never seen an outage at quite the scale of Ticketfly where large swaths of the infrastructure powering the independent music scene were inoperable. As the outage passed the 24-hour mark, promoters began searching for work arounds and even sold tickets through parent company Eventbrite’s platform.

Despite the absolutely dismal outage, which will be ranked as a watermark for FUBAR situations, Ticketfly officials did thank their clients and supporters for being patient through the crisis.

“We are grateful for the outpouring of support our community has shown us while we continue to work through this cyber incident,” a statement from the company reads.