Update: This article has been updated to include information provided by Ticketfly on their new Cyber Incident page. 

Ticketfly is nearing 24 hours since the site was taken over late last night by a hacker calling themselves Ishakdz. While Ticketfly’s site is no longer displaying the cryptic message of “Your Security Down im Not Sorry” and Guy Fawkes image from last night, Ticketfly’s website, blog and supporting sites are all still offline. This includes ticketing sales queues for the thousands of events and independent promoters who use Ticketfly including big-time indies like I.M.P. Concerts’ Seth Hurwitz, Peter Shapiro from Brooklyn Bowl and Jerry Mickleson from Jam in Chicago.


Amplify reached out to Ticketfly which was unable to provide any further details on the matter.

As of 6pm PDT, Ticketfly launched a Cyber Incident Update page on their support site. The page explains that the company is still in the process of getting its site back on line, but they do not have a specific time for when that will occur.

“We deeply regret the inconvenience caused by this incident and are working around the clock to resolve the issue and get all Ticketfly systems back up and running,” the page reads.

As for customer data, the page states “Our investigation into the incident is ongoing. We’re putting all of our resources to confirm the extent of the unauthorized access. We’re committed to communicating with all customers once we have more information about the scope of the issue.”

The independent music industry is bracing itself for a North American-wide blackout as venues and promoters across the U.S. and Canada begin to open their doors for shows this evening.

Ticketfly’s site continues to acknowledge the breach and directs fans to locate social media pages for more information.

The Ticketfly landing page reads “For information on specific events please check the social media accounts of the presenting venues/promoters to learn more about availability/status of upcoming shows. In many cases, shows are still happening and tickets may be available at the door.”

The new cyber incident page adds “If you were not the original ticket purchaser, you will likely need all three of the following: original credit card used to purchase the ticket; a photocopy of the original buyer’s ID; and a note from the original buyer authorizing you to pick up the ticket(s).”

Sure enough, promoters like I.M.P. Concerts in Washington, D.C. have posted on their Facebook page to let fans know that their sites are down and that ticket sales are being postponed until the issue is resolved.

“Ticketfly is working diligently to get all websites back online and working properly. In the meantime, if you’re trying to buy tickets, please be patient and check back soon,” the 9:30 Club’s Facebook reads.

Fans who called the 9:30 Club were assured that the venue has a list ticketholders for tonight’s U Hall presents: Flight Facilities and Eau Claire show.

Los Angeles’ Spaceland Presents, who is hosting Fidel Nadal the Regent Theater in Downtown tonight, has also posted asking fans for patience while their site recovers.

New York’s Brooklyn Bowl has gone old school for tonight’s Jay Eltronica show. While they posses an internal ticket buyer list for those who have already purchased tickets, those seeking tickets are being asked to call into the venue to be placed on a guest list and to bring cash for their fee-free tickets.

Engineers with Ticketfly including founder Andrew Dreskin were up all night trying to contain the hack, which might have started with a hack of Ticketfly’s WordPress blog, which the hacker allegedly downloaded and posted on the hacked Ticketfly site, alongside files allegedly linking to information about Ticketfly “members” — it’s unclear what “members” means, and the vandalized site’s front page has since been removed. It’s unclear if the potentially stolen and sensitive information will be posted on another site, like Wikileaks.

Eventbrite, which purchased the independent music ticketer just last June, is not exhibiting any of the issues facing Ticketfly. Stay tuned for more updates and we continue to follow this story.