United Talent Agency has announced a new artist space blocks away from its Los Angeles offices in Beverly Hills. The 4,000 square-foot UTA Artist Space was formerly a diamond-tooling facility and has been redesigned by the internationally renowned artist and UTA client Ai Weiwei. The warehouse space will provide an expansive new outpost for exhibitions and programming opportunities for UTA’s expanding Fine Arts department.

“What better way to usher in our third year than with an incredible, iconic new space,” said Josh Roth, Head of UTA Fine Arts in a release. “It’s an indication of how far UTA Artist Space has come in such a short time, and what we’ve carved out for ourselves in the incredible cultural landscape of LA.”


UTA Artist Space is part of the company’s commitment to developing and showcasing fine art in Los Angeles. The warehouse will be used to exhibit global talent and new work, giving artists access to new and better opportunities in the city.

The new space will open in July with One Shot, a group exhibition featuring a series of works by select Color Field painters including Morris Louis, Helen Frankenthaler, Kenneth Noland, Sam Gilliam, and Jules Olitski, among others. Previously overshadowed by the Pop Artists of the 1950s and 60s, the Color Field group was born from a band of outsiders – renegades and academics seeking to revolutionize American painting in the post–Jackson Pollock age. The movement challenged the frenetic motions of action-painting and embraced the simplicity of the optical response to color.

In October, Weiwei will present his first-ever Los Angeles gallery at UTA Art Space. Upon seeing the raw concrete facade of the new location, similar to his Beijing studio, the artist was moved to help execute an exclusive design concept for the Beverly Hills space.

The announcement for the art space follows a series of successful activations like the debut of Kurt Cobain’s never-before-seen artwork at the Seattle Art Fair and one-of-a-kind exhibitions with Larry Clark, Jake & Dinos Chapman, The Haas Brothers, Enoc Perez, Derrick Adams and Petra Cortright’s largest video survey to date. The three-year mark also celebrates a series of cross-media initiatives, such as a partnership with Microsoft in which digital artwork by Tabor Robak was commissioned for the company’s flagship location in New York City.