The ticketing company Vendini has been around for 15 years stably making a name for themselves, especially in the performing arts market. A few months ago the company acquired CrowdTorch and launched their music division led by Mark Meyerson and staffed with other industry veterans. Since then the music division has been proving itself steadily including two new partnerships with Red Bull Canada Ltd. and Piknic Électronik.

mmeyerson“Vendini has been around for 15 years and a lot of people in the music business have never heard of them,” Meyerson told Amplify. “We’re growing right under the industry’s nose. All of a sudden being the brand new company that has been there for 15 years.”

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Vendini prides itself on being the simple and proven answer for live event professionals with forward leaning technology and experienced staff. For its new music unit, the company invested $20 million to make a name for themselves in the new market.

“The side of the road is littered with the latest and greatest thing that has come, said they’re the greatest thing on the market, and they’re gone. We’ve already proven that’s not us,” Meyerson said. “I want everyone to know — our clients, our potential clients — we are a ticketing company first. We take it very seriously. We don’t look past it.”

Meyerson explained that their new partnership with Piknic Électronik came after Vendini demonstrated their value to the festival on previous events.

“Piknic Électronik was based on some relationships we already had and events we’d done,” he said. “We delivered for the client and that opened up the conversation for these guys to come to us and say ‘we’re taking this around the world and we want to do it with you guys.’ We were absolutely honored.”

The two companies will be working together for Piknic Électronik’s expanding festival presence. The electronic music festival is based in Montreal, but will host events in Dubai, Melbourne, and Santiago, broadening Vendini’s reach as well as their own.

“We have some unbelievable pieces of product that help large festivals actually schedule everything, every type of pass, every type of credential from vendors to guests all integrated with RFID” along with advanced marketing tools and retail channels to sell tickets through, Meyerson explained.

“Logistics Manager is the piece that integrates an entire festival producer’s credentialing in one place,” he said. “It was written for Bonnaroo and Bonnaroo is huge and has intense needs. So it was written to serve the top of the market, but written in a way that if you’ve got a 10,000 person one-day festival it’s not overwritten for you to be able to use.”

Vendini has also recently partnered with Red Bull Canada Ltd., but have yet to disclose the specifics of the union.

The company also has software like Social Chair which allows members to reward ticket buyers with instant discounts when they share their purchases. Members can track which purchasers shared, how many time they shared and how many people were reached through those shares. Vendini members have seen their social media shares rise from the industry average of 2% to 12% through the software.

Another product Vendini plans to rebrand and roll out for the music unit is their Patron Manager. The product helps event organizers cater to their attendees from the moment they walk through the door.

“The idea is that the GM or anybody can get notifications when certain people walk in the door,” Meyerson said of Patron Manager. “Those notifications can be spread throughout the venue. That person can walk right up to the bar and their favorite drink is ready for them, their booth is already ready for them.”

Meyerson mentioned they are currently working on other applications and looking to launch a completely revamped retail presence. He also expects to announce more partners in the near future.

“We’re the humble part. We’re behind the scenes,” he said. “You’re the creator, we’re just giving you tools and helping you make sure you focus on the things that are going to be the most important to your success.”