Ticketing company Vendini has tapped former CrowdTorch General Manager Mark Meyerson to run a newly formed Strategic Business Unit for Live Music.

Meyerson has worked at CrowdTorch since 2013 and has long history in the ticketing industry that began with Bill Graham Presents and includes time at Ticketmaster, AEG, Music Today and Scorebig. He came over to Vendini late last year when Vendini purchased CrowdTorch from Cvent, and will now focus on building Vendini’s live music and festival verticals.

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“It’s a natural fit,” Vendini Founder and CEO Mark Tacchi told Amplify. “Every since we started the company we knew we weren’t going to be one specific vertical. We’ve been constantly going after clubs and music venues, quietly growing and accumulating our knowledge. The CrowdTorch acquisition brought over an incredible amount of talent, including Mark Meyerson who has the background and pedigree we were looking for.”

Tacchi described Meyerson as “an entrepreneur within the company” and a “mini-CEO of his division,” explaining that Meyerson will have full access to Vendini’s “core resources including our sales and support infrastructure. He has access to everything he needs to build upon the Vendini platform and Vendini culture.”

He said Vendini will continue to focus on EDM and dance music as well as mid-sized music festivals and clubs.

“We’re going after the mid-market in everything,” Tacchi said. “There’s a big opportunity for all of our verticals. We touch on so many different segments — performing arts, casinos and live music — and we’re solidly focused on continuing that growth.”

Vendini has made a number of acquisitions in the last five years including festival software maker Data Flow in 2012 and the purchase of In Ticketing from founder Steve Weisz in 2014. Earlier this year, Tacchi announced that his San Francisco ticketing outfit raised $20 million in Series A funding from New York-based private investment firm Level Equity. And earlier this month, the company announced that it had acquired CHARGED.fm, a Brooklyn-based primary and secondary ticketing company and marketplace.

“They fit our culture perfectly,” Tacchi said. “We hung out with those guys and we found that we shared a lot of the same beliefs. We personally connected with them and structured the deal so we could bring a large portion of their team over to Vendini. It allowed to quickly staff up and grow fast, as opposed to building an engineering team by hiring one person at a time.”

Tacchi said Vendini has hired on CHARGED.fm’s engineering team to build upon Vendini’s all-in-one solution that includes marketing and donation tools, CRM, reporting features and mobile applications.

CHARGED.fm was created by Plot Developers and its founder Yves Darbouze. CHARGED.fm is a primary and secondary seller of tickets and events. CHARGED.fm has worked with artists like Sean “P-Diddy” Combs and sold over$108M in tickets for their 200,000 customers.

“We were getting offers from a lot of ticketing companies but we instantly liked Vendini’s CEO & founder Mark Tacchi and the Vendini team,” said Yves Darbouze, former CEO and founder of CHARGED.fm. in a press release. “Mark sees the ticketing universe the same way that we do. We believed in him and the company he’s built, and are incredibly excited to bring the chemistry of the CHARGED.fm team to the Vendini family.”