At this year’s Grammy Awards, presenters and nominees will walk away with some goodies from the latest in fitness, gaming and style thanks to The Grammy Gift Lounge. Curated by LA-based entertainment marketing company Distinctive Assets, the behind-the-scenes lounge was open to the stars during the three rehearsal days prior to tonight’s airing of Awards show.

Sponsored by Tools By Gina, the lounge offers a luxury gift experience – celebs can go in, meet with brand ambassadors and learn about their product, and choose what they want to take home. Along with the gifts they choose from the lounge, talent will also get a preassembled Grammy Gift Bag with some crazy items, including a 23k gold salted caramel pecan praline from Philip Ashley Chocolates, a pet selfie taking device from Pooch Selfie, a free ultherapy session from New York-based Plastic Surgery firm 740 Park MD ($5,500 value) and a private tour of Big Cat Rescue in Tampa.

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Amplify was offered a peek into the Grammy Gift Lounge. No, we didn’t get to take anything home, but here’s the rundown of some of our favorite brands and the items they’re giving out to the stars.

Jewelry from SIS by Simone I. Smith

After being diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in 2004, Simone I. Smith started SIS in order to give back. Now, ten years cancer-free, Smith tells her story with her signature lollipop necklace that represents her lollipop tattoo that was disfigured after undergoing invasive surgery in her tibia and fibula bones. Proceeds for every jewelry sale go to the American Cancer Society. Grammy Gift Lounge-goers can help promote this brand by grabbing a lollipop necklace, earrings or a men’s bracelet, which will add up to a gift worth a little over $300.

grammy gift lounge, Simone i. smith

Customized Controllers from SCUF Gaming

Don’t mess around with standard gaming controllers like a pleb. SCUF Gaming allows users to customize the buttons, paddles and colors of X-Box One and PS4 controllers. With military-grade rubber and a comfortable design, the SCUF gaming controllers are a great gift for our GRAMMY awards stars. They’ll get a SCUF Protection Case, SCUF FPS Adjustable Trigger & Pro Grip Combo Kit, SCUF Thumbsticks, SCUF Rings, SCUF Charging Cable, GamerGrip Total Grip Solution and a SCUF Hat, a $300 value.

grammy gift lounge, scuf gaming

Custom Cocktails from The Natural Mixologist

Who doesn’t like doing a little drinking with their shopping? The Natural Mixologist creates craft cocktails for events that are organic, gluten-free and vegan. At the Gift Lounge, they served up some of their custom cocktails at their in-lounge bar, including citrus concoctions with names like Locked Up Lust and The Price of Love with natural cocktail mixers. Gift Lounge guests also got a gift certificate for Mixology Services at an event of their choosing and a bottle of Penthouse The Scarlet, a Sparkling Shiraz, altogether a $2,250 value.

grammy gift lounge

Hair Styling Tools from Tools by Gina

The sponsor of the gift lounge brought it with their array of hair styling tools by Gina Rivera, founder of beauty salon chain Phenix Salons. Grammy Gift Lounge talent got the latest in hair styling tech from Gina, whose tools use infrared light to style instead of regular heat. According to Gina, hair follicles absorb the infrared light and come out less damaged as opposed to hair that is pressed with heat. She also told us that her tools may stimulate hair growth. Rivera was giving away three of her tools at the lounge – her Infrared Flat Iron, Professional Infrared Blow Dryer and the 25mm Infrared Curling Iron, each item coming to a $250 value.

grammy gift lounge, gina rivera

Vans and Pet Goodie Bags from truth

truth is an anti-smoking campaign that targets millennials and aims to end teen smoking. Their focus on the younger generation makes it a great brand to snag sweet swag from. At the Grammy Gift Lounge this year, they’re promoting their CATmageddon campaign and giving away cat-themed sneakers made in collaboration with Vans and designer Kevin Lyons. Because of the pet-oriented focus, they’re also giving away goodie bags for celebrity pets filled with organic pet treats from New Jersey-based Bubba Rose Biscuit Company. The Vans and the goodie bags together come out to a $70 value.

grammy gift lounge, truth