SeatGeek is close to signing a ticketing deal with the Dallas Cowboys, the company’s second primary ticketing NFL agreement in the last three months. The Cowboys deal includes an equity stake in SeatGeek and is expected to be announced once Ticketmaster’s agreement with the team expires in March.

SeatGeek now has two NFL teams using it’s primary platform —  the New Orleans Saints signed in with SeatGeek in November — while Tickemaster provides primary ticketing for the League’s remaining 30 teams. Ticketmaster also retains the official secondary market rights for the Dallas Cowboys. Under the agreement, SeatGeek is not allowed to let fans directly upload primary tickets sold on its site onto SeatGeek’s secondary marketplace — links on the site will direct fans who want to resell their Cowboys tickets to list them on Ticketmaster. In October, Ticketmaster re-upped its five-year contract with the NFL as the official secondary market for the NFL. Sites like StubHub were permitted to allow fans to digitally list and sell NFL tickets on their site once the tickets had been validated by Ticketmaster. So far only StubHub is authorized to to sell tickets on the platform, but conceivably SeatGeek could be authorized at a future date.


Until then, however, SeatGeek will likely have to keep a firewall between its primary Dallas Cowboys business and its secondary market listing site. Despite the signing, Ticketmaster largely retains its dominant position in the space, holding the primary ticketing rights to 30 of the NFL’s 32 teams.

Signing the Dallas Cowboys is victory for SeatGeek, which reportedly included gave the Cowboys a three-percent equity stake in SeatGeek to close the deal. Amplify reached out to officials from SeatGeek to respond to our reporting and were told the company had not comment at the this time. Ticketmaster also declined to comment.