The sale of Paciolan to Learfield marks a new chapter for the 37-year-old ticketing company, aligning with a growing technology player that will make key investments into the Paciolan platform.

Earlier today, company officials announced that the ticketing company created by Jane Kleinberger was being purchased by Learfield. The announcement follows the October purchase of Learfield by Atairos Group, a private equity firm created in early 2016 by former Comcast CFO Michael Angelakis with $4 billion in capital investment from Comcast.


By using Comcast money to purchase a technology asset from a different Comcast subsidiary, Angelakis is essentially facilitating an intercompany transaction. But for those who follow Paciolan, the deal could mean a cultural and technology shift for the ticketing technology firm that’s closer aligned with its core product.

As a Spectra company, Paciolan spent the last seven years augmenting Comcast Spectacor’s core business — facility management and food and beverage operations. In 2015, the company was renamed Spectra and was part of Comcast Spectacor CEO David Scott’s bundling strategy to sign facilities up for multiple facility services, just as a cable company bundles phone, internet and TV.

The new shift toward Learfield means that Paciolan will align with an organization that’s both more data and technology-focused and part of a larger effort to consolidate multimedia rights, sales and sponsorships and other collegiate opportunities. Learfield owns a number of companies including Sidearm Sports, a tool for customizing a school’s content streams and digital presence. It also owns online marketing firm Mogo Interactive, predictive analytics group Klearintel and advertising and branding firm SME. From a technology standpoint, company officials think it makes more sense for Paciolan to exist within this technology company that is spending millions to consolidate multimedia rights, branding, analytics and ticket sales. Not only is there a data play at work, but being part of a technology-driven company could mean more resources at Paciolan dedicated to building out the company’s primary ticketing system.

Is this the end of Scott’s bundling efforts? Not necessarily — Paciolan will still be the ticketing partner for most Spectra products. And by teaming up with a leader in collegiate technology and rights management, Paciolan has the opportunity to more closely align its future in the digital space.